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Default Re: Is Superman A Jesus Metaphor?

Originally Posted by Transcended View Post
I don't know why it has to be an either/or thing. Obviously Superman wouldn't be Superman if he wasn't good-natured at heart; he'd be a force of cosmic destruction. It's his choice what to do with his power. People telling him what to do, and telling him his destiny, is actually the kind of pressure that would cause lesser men to snap and go the opposite direction... but instead, Clark takes it all in stride and finds his place in the world. That's what I love about Superman - no matter what other people want from him or how others perceive him, he's his own man, following his own path.

Just because Supes is naturally allegorical doesn't mean that defines or changes his character. It just means he can be analyzed in many different ways - like any good character.
Great post

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Batman is Batman because of his bat motif's. Take them away and he's just Manman.
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