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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
There have been reports that 75 percent of script remains from original draft.Don't forget most of characters are those you would expect.

They most likely added the WWII sequenze to open the film and show audence Wolverine's first time In Japan.

My prediction for end of film are
1:Mariko Is poisoned by Viper and Wolverine relcuently agrees to put her out of misery(adopting the tragic story from comics and igve film an emontional climax)
2:After Mariko Is buried he rebuffs Yuriko(hopefully the Logan/Mariko/Yuriko triangle Is
3:Wolverine leaves Japan(which can be said he Is returning to Canada where he will
encounter Rogue In X-Men)

I really think The Wolverine could be 2013 sleeper Comic Book film hit.Many here on this message board are dismissing this film.

My suspecion for this film Is they have turned Viper Into some kind of mutant and we will see her In world War II opening sequenze.Personally I think It would be better If they keep wolverine as only mutant so the only mutant ability Is Wolverine's powers.
well...... what about SS? he's a mutant too isnt he?

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