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Default Re: Which Comic Book Hero will rain Supreme next year?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
This goes contrary to all existing evidence. The Man of Steel footage as yet revealed is about as "Nolan-ish" as a movie involving a flying solar powered alien farm boy can possibly get, far from being "four color." Meanwhile, there's no reason yet to believe that either IM3 or Thor 2 goes for a dark, gritty tone contrary to prior pattern ( note that IM opened with him being imprisoned by guerillas in the mountains, bad things happening to Stark is not new ).
The MOS reel shown at SDCC is as far from "Nolan-ish" as you can get --- and as far from "Snyder-ish" as you can get. In fact, it looked more like something Terrence Malick might direct: lofty and epic and pensive, philosophical and spiritual.

And the reports on both IM3 and TDW indicate that they're going for darker, more serious tones this time around. Doubtful that they'll be shooting for Oscars, of course, but they definitely seem to want to turn up the drama on these two movies.


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