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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

I've been having the scores to Vol. 1 and 2 in my head for the past few days ever since I started listening to Vol.1 three weeks ago. These scores really stay with me. Today after listening to Vol. 1 in honor of the show's 20th anniversary. I kept hearing two face's theme constantly in my head today. That theme really is haunting in the same way "Big Bad Harv" taunts and haunts Dent. It really made me realise even more how much Walker nailed that character musically. It really gets into the troubled psychology of Dent. The theme is chilling, menacing, and yet tragic. Every time I hear this theme I feel like I'm getting inside Harvey's head. I always can't help but feel bad for the character when I hear this theme. As well as Clayface when I hear his theme. The beauty of Two-face's theme is that it can do many things like be sinister as well as dramatic, sympathetic, and emotional (especially during the Grace scenes).

I can talk about these scores all day, which is sadly something I can't do with Zimmer's batman scores. Though I plan on talking about Vol. 2 more ( after I give it another listen) since nobody else has or will up here.

But that's what I love about Walker and Co. themes and scores they take me on a musical journey through the characters and story. The music is definitely the heart and soul of this show. Though the animation is great (most of the time) I don't think the show would be as effective without the music. Thank you Walker (RIP) and co. for writing timeless scores (to a brilliant show) that not only captures the essence of what Timm and co. were trying to do (and succeeded) but the essence of batman itself. These scores really helps me get a better understanding of the characters and story as much as I would watching the show itself. Happy 20th anniversary B:TAS.

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