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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
He will, hopefully. I mean, if Kurse is as powerful as he is in the comics, he HAS to.

I have a bit of a question though, for whatever new moves we see Thor use.

Whether it is an antiforce blast, or a thermoblast, or a goblast,

how will the audience know? (aside from us who know the character) do you think it will get mentioned by name in the movie? Or you think the GA will have to just assume "that wasn't lightning, oh, clearly there is more to Thor than lightning"

and what I really really want, I have said it before, is

1. An impressive lifting feat
2. Some sort of energy type attack that is not lightning based
3. Lightning surging through his body and out of his eyes
4. Summoning lightning and a storm without Mjolnir
Yeah hopefully Kurse isn't toned down much and those are the same 4 things I want to see Thor do the most as well.

The huge lifting feat and summoning a storm without Mjolnir will get rid of most of the "Thor isn't tough without his hammer" crowd.

the one thing I wasn't to fond of over the avengers is how thor killed the two dragons with that lightning blast.

It was cool, but he had to charge the lightning off of the chrysler building. I would prefer he could just summon a blast of lighting on his own, without having to conduct it with metal
Personally, it looked like he just used the building brace himself not to boost the power of his attack.

I know the lightning surged around the building but that's just how lightning behaves, it doesn't make it anymore powerful or potent.

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