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okay so a quick little conspiracy theory. what if loki was trying to get caught, not talking about the shield thing. i mean taken back to asgard long enough to be in the throneroom to do his little trick of making a false copy. the copy could be reemed by odin while the real loki steals the gauntlet for thanos. or loki getting yelled at and sentenced by odin is a diversion and thanos will just somehow break into the armory and steal the gauntlet himself. the destroyer is gone for now so all thanos needs to do is sneak in an steal it.

anyway as far as loki and thanos. i said before and i'll say it again. if they do the IF. loki is gonna take mephisto's place from the comic as a sidekick to thanos. also all this talk of dr. strange coming up all we need is for marvel to try and get galactus and the silver surfer and we could really do the infinity gauntlet story.

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