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Originally Posted by marvel_freshman View Post
Perhaps, it's not, but It was never said flat out in the movie that it wasn't the mind gem . If it is the exact same energy, and power as the cube, why is Thanos so desperate to get the cube?
In the comics he wanted it for general "controlling the universe" reasons I think. But it doesnt seem quite powerful enough in the MCU to do that.

I think he wants the cube to search for the gems and/or power the gems. I'm guessing the latter. They talk about the scepter being powered by the cube throughout the film. But a form of transportation isn't enough of a reason for Thanos to want the cube.

Originally Posted by MovieMasterCBM View Post
Look for the Gems? IDK. I imagined it as just a portion of the Tesseract Thanos has. So it's not as powerful as the Cube but Thanos and The Other can use it as a weapon and are mentally linked to it.
Thanos doesn't have the Tesseract. Do you mean Thanos had said portion of the Tesseract from some point in MCU history? Thousands of years before? I guess maybe... but isnt that a little more convoluted than the theory of it being the Mind Gem?

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