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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
Loki's scepter couldve looked like ANYthing. But it looked like the one thing already confirmed in the universe that controls minds. The fact that it actually has something to do with Thanos only further supports the theory. He put it in Loki's hand. Is it harder to believe that Thanos would temporarily "give it up" than it is to believe there are two blue gems that do exactly the same thing in the same Universe?

Sure, I agree the thing in the sceptre looks like a Mind Gem, and when it first appeared in set photos, I was among those who theorized the same thing. But after seeing the movie, and with the movie quotes referenced above, it seemed pretty clear to me that Joss was making no bones about the fact that the Tesseract was what gave the sceptre its power.

Joss is, of course, well-versed in Marvel lore, and knows all about the Infinity Gems. If he had intended for that to be the Mind Gem, I'm sure he would've at least referenced it. Instead, he went out of his way to show that the sceptre derived its power from the Tesseract. As far as I'm concerned, reading anything beyond that is reaching a bit too far.


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