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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by BruceCatmen View Post
who do you guys think would win between bb/tdk batman vs bain?
That debate happened already. A handful of people just didn't want to hear any reasoning about Bane still taking Batman down even in The Dark Knight, despite the evidence presented in The Dark Knight Rises (Bane being born into hardship, having the same training but perhaps for longer, Bane's ability to withstand immense punishment, And his toying with Batman during their first fight, to name a few).

Bane would have won. Batman hadn't run into an opponent bigger and badder than he was, and didn't know how to react. He reacted very poorly, and got his ass handed to him because of it. However, he did learn from it, and came back to beat Bane, so we could gather the same would have happened (perhaps more quickly) when he was younger.

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Your username makes me think of sparkling female parts.

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