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Default Re: Can anyone compare Captain America to Batman?

Originally Posted by CLFilms View Post

Not really. A better comparison would be between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne. Both are billionaires whose parents died tragically, and both are incredibly resourceful. Essentially - their superpower is their level of ingenuity; but even then: Stark is a genius, and Wayne not so much.

As a son raised by poor Irish immigrants, Rogers is an idealist who comes from extremely humble beginnings. Wayne was born within the Wayne Manor.

Rogers is a Super Soldier with superpowers (albeit not something that existed in the first place) and has an incredibly reliable shield, which he doesn't always need. Wayne is empowered by the tangible resources he has - so long as he has all of his liquid assets and Wayne Enterprises is still functioning.

There's really not much of a comparison between Rogers and Wayne.

Personally, I don't agree with Marvel/DC crossovers because while the Marvel Universe takes place in real cities in the US, DC characters protect places that don't actually exist.
Maybe Nolan's Bruce Wayne is no genius; he needs everything to be done for him by Lucius Fox.

The Bruce Wayne of the comic books, however, is the world's greatest detective, fighter, AND has a genius-level intellect. This is evident in his deductive skills, vast knowledge of numerous disciplines, inventiveness, languages, and other related skills.

And I'm not talking about Morrison's "Super Batman," either. I'm talking about Batman from B:TAS and the comics since the O'Neill/Adams run.

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