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Originally Posted by MovieMasterCBM View Post
I always looked at it as the scepter is actually a portion of the Tesseract.

Does anyone else think the new Avengers Assemble comics are an idea of what we could see in Avengers 2? Like, AIM steal the scepter as a way to build their own Cosmic Cube, for Thanos, who will use it to find the Infinity Gems?
I like that idea. That would mean Thanos had the cube a long time ago in order to make the sceptor. Odin realizes Thanos is using it to fill in his IG, takes him down and hides the cube on earth (and the partially completed gauntlet in his vault). Cut to the present and Thanos manipulates Odin's adopted son into getting the cube and his IG plan on track. I never read much Marvel, but do Odin and Thanos have any history together in the comics?

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