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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I don't get the hate for Spider-man 3 in the first place,but the same objections for that film can be found in TDKR:

The villain's being "reinterpreted" somewhat differently from the comic
Bane is an example of how a villain can be envisioned the correct way to fit the director's universe.

Sandman is an example how the new vision can be complete trash and a waste of time with no conclusion or meaning to the story.

A new "love interest" being hastily thrown at the hero (Miranda/Gwen)
Miranda wasn't even much of a love interest to begin with. Another example that doesn't make sense.

A last act reworking of a villain's origin (Sandman/Ra's)
What? What in TDKR re-worked Ra's al Ghul's origin?

The main objective being the same in all three films (Save MJ....again/Save Gotham from a terrorist attack...again)
Saving the city > saving Mary Jane

Spider-Man could save his city from a threat as well, but he's always saving MJ while Batman had saved Rachel a couple times, but also the city.

The Butler making an important revelation that he should have made several years earlier.
The audience is aware of what Alfred was hiding while the audience had no idea that Harry's butler knew about Norman's wounds and him being Green Goblin.

There are probably others that I'm forgetting,but my point is not to say TDKR is awful,but that SM 3 isn't any more flawed than TDKR.
I'd love to hear any more "comparisons" you have, haha.

Originally Posted by Coca Cola Duracell Franklin. View Post
Unfortunately for your "point," the execution of Spider-man 3 was far worse than the execution of TDKR.

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