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Originally Posted by MovieMasterCBM View Post
No, we don't. For all we know it COULD control minds.

Another thing that supports my theory: Loki says he's seen the true power of the Tesseract. Well, the guys he's working for don't have it. But what do they have that contains a part of the Tesseract?

The scepter.
No: they don't.
The last time the sceptre is seen is in the hands of Black Widow as she and the Avengers stand over the fallen Loki.

So odds are very high that *SHIELD* has the sceptre.

Another thing to consider: Dr. Selvig and Hawkeye have also seen the true power of the Tesseract, too. When they're still mind-controlled, Selvig mentions that the Cube has shown him the truth about everything, and even Hawkeye was able to see his "next target" and how to take him out through the other words, it allowed him to see the future.

So Selvig and Hawkeye might still have some residual energies at work, for future reference....


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