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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Actually, how about this: Kurse isn't beaten by Thor pulling out some wave motion cannon. Kurse is beaten by either disabling his power source, yanking a macguffin, or better yet, doing something that reveals Malekith's treachery and causing him to turn on the guy. And whatever this is, is done by Thor's friends and allies, not he himself.

However, its still Thor's victory, because Thor has to pull out all the stops to *keep Kurse occupied*, and also, its Thor that comes up with the plan.
Nah I HATE those "find his power source" endings, I'd rather see Thor put him down using his own power.

Originally Posted by Neo_3 View Post
I don't think Thor would need WM to beat Kurse. If Thor would get the Belt of Strength and use a blast that would be enough. Would like to see WM against Thanos or an army of Ultron's.
I say leave the belt of strength out, Thor already get's hounded enough for using a weapon/tool.

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