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Default Re: Avengers a culmination of Marvel history (including 616/Ultimate/etc.)

Originally Posted by multipleman View Post
i always figured Avengers Movie was just a altered copy of the Ultimate Avengers comic as the Ultimate Avengers was written with the pretext of being more grounded and styled in the essence of movie quality.
While it's certainly true that everybody liked to throw the word 'cinematic' around when discussing the Ultimates and many saw it as a template for a potential film, I think the actual Avengers film owes mostly superficial debts to those volumes. When you break down the elements of the Ultimates and compare them to the meat of the Avengers, I think you notice only one defining influence which is Fury and SHIELD form the Avengers. Everything else is different to a degree that makes the comparison fairly meaningless as the similarities are shallow (They fight Chitauri, there is team conflict etc).

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