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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
^ Well, thats what happens when people go around saying "Oh, no one wanted to hear any reasons as to why blah blah blah".

We heard you, we just don't agree with you.
Which is a perfectly good reason to be ignorant toward others, right?

Regardless, it wasn't about disagreement, it was about people completely ignoring any sort of evidence supporting Bane's side. A laundry list of reasoning was supplied, and it was almost completely ignored.

I, myself, posted a somewhat lengthy post giving specific real-world examples supporting the Bane side of the debate, and it was glossed over. Hence the, "people just didn't want to hear any reasoning," comment.

Originally Posted by Karebear View Post
Your username makes me think of sparkling female parts.

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