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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Bane is a lot older than Bruce and also has the disadvantage of having an anaesthetic being pumped into him at all times. Given all the disadvantages and hinderances amongst both of them and the moments in time they met and collided being vastly dissimilar in contrast, a lot would have to be considered and altered for them to be classed as having a fair fight.
Bane has not been out of action for 8 years and let his body waste away so badly he can't even walk without the aid of a cane. The fact that Bruce's bad condition had been highlighted to the point where a doctor listed the terrible damaged state his body was in and that he needed a strap on his leg just so he could walk without a cane shows who is at the extreme disadvantage here. Bane's age is not a factor and one that is never even mentioned in the movie. The anesthetic keeps the pain at bay we're told. So that's no hindrance.

So lets review; fully trained mercenary Bane with "The League of Shadows" seen in his fighting style, versus 8 year retired, cane hobbling Bruce.

And it's not just a case of Bruce having to fight throughout all his problems and disadvantages and having to be at his peak, the same would have to be required for Bane too, although it seems many are seemingly disregarding this fact in favour of stroking their ego's and preferences for Batman and the Joker at Bane's expense.
No, it's facts being stated here, not ego stroking (What the heck has Joker got to do with this anyway?).

Fact 1: Bruce's body was in rotten shape as was mentioned several times, even expert medical opinion scene given. Alfred abandons Bruce because he thinks he is past his prime and can't be Batman any more.

Fact 2: The only disadvantage mentioned for Bane is his mask which keeps his pain at bay. That is evidence when Batman damages it in the finale and he becomes weakened. That's Bane's only weakness. His age was never a factor.

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