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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Like I said, objectively, I agree with the idea that there was no fair fight between them onscreen, so no one really knows how a fight would go between them.
Agreed, though it seems as though others don't seem to see it this way and thus don't take everything into account from both parties.

And I also don't see anyone saying that Bats would beat Bane easily.
No? I've seen quite a few post saying Batman would whoop Bane's behind easily and often portraying the scenario as though it would be a no-contest, so I wouldn't necessarily say that is true.

Bane is meant to be a scary mofo who can give Batman a fight.
Yes, and a statement to this is the fact that Nolan chose him to be the main protagonist in TDKR amongst all the other various Bat-villains as he presented a new and worthy threat.

And as for ego stroking, lets not act like Bane fans don't stroke their ego at Batman and Joker's expense:

"Oh, Joker may be the most popular Batman villain, but Bane is the ultimate/most dangerous villain."
I've never said that there isn't others on the other side that do the exact same thing, nor have I dismissed that type of behaviour from those parties either. I don't visit this area of the forums often these days, but from the majority chunks I have seen, the consensus' of the other sides seem to outweigh that of the Bane side, and thus the down-trodding shall we say of this character is what I've often witnessed. Though this is not an excuse, just an observation from the little time I've spent here lately.

Not to mention certain fans acting like Bane is unstoppable, even without his Venom. I find it funny that I have to constantly remind people that Bane has never beaten Batman without the use of venom. That's not ego stroking. In fact, I usually say things like this to keep other fans ego stroking in check, especially since a few of them seem to know very little about a character they claim to love.
No, I agree with this, and it is also present within the other sides. Though it is not often highlighted as much as the majority consensus seem to be on the same page in regards to their preferences and likings, thus when this occurs they are often not called out on it.

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