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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
How is that a fair fight? Bane has not been out of action for 8 years and let his body waste away so badly he can't even walk without the aid of a cane. The fact that Bruce's bad condition had been highlighted to the point where a doctor listed the terrible damaged state his body was in and that he needed a strap on his leg just so he could walk without a cane shows who is at the extreme disadvantage here. Bane's age is not a factor and one that is never even mentioned in the movie. The anesthetic keeps the pain at bay we're told. So that's no hindrance.

So lets review; fully trained mercenary Bane with "The League of Shadows" seen in his fighting style, versus 8 year retired, cane hobbling Bruce.
Right, so I've just basically stated that a fair fight would be where BOTH men would be in their peaks and at top physical condition, with none of their disadvantages present (i.e. Bruce's broken body, Bane's anaesthetic), yet you still don't think that is a fair enough platform for them to go toe to toe on? And just to make it clear for you, my statement is meant to be taken in theory, as if all of their problems and hinderances were absent (yes even taking away Bruce's 8 year rustiness) and they were able to go at it being at the absolute best they each can be.

Btw, I love how you are trying your hardest to outline and glorify Bruce's problems while downplaying Bane's even though they are present, and inevitably what Bruce eventually preys on to get the better of him. Good job!

No, it's facts being stated here, not ego stroking (What the heck has Joker got to do with this anyway?).
Oh come on, you can honestly say you haven't seen instances when the Joker has brought into this discussion, with examples such as the Joker would give the Batman a bigger and better fight than Bane would, as well as Joker even being able to beat Bane in a fight?

As for the age issue not being a factor, I find that quite humourous. As quite often in this argument I've seen others saying a disadvantege for Bruce in TDKR was that he was older than he was in BB and TDK plus putting him at a disadavantage. I'm sorry but if it's going to be classed as a factor and disadvantage for one, then it's a very worthy factor and disadvantage for the other. No double standards, please.

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