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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Cunning Stunts View Post
Again, no. All I stated was that people simply didn't want to hear reasoning. This has nothing to do with my ego, and I have no reason to be upset over others not responding. And the numerous pro-Bane posts that I saw were not ignored, were pretty much shot down at seemingly every opportunity, with little valid reasoning or, again, ability to listen to the other side of the argument without blindly arguing against it.
So basically...your problem is that people don't feel the same way you do. Gotcha.

Originally Posted by Cunning Stunts View Post
I made a statement- one simply that people refused to listen to reasoning- and you began with these thinly-veiled potshots, for utterly no reason. So, somehow, a simple observation I mentioned in response to another question has now turned into your apparent attempts to put others down for no reason whatsoever. Sounds to me like the only ego issues seem to be coming from you.

But, nice attempt.

I wouldn't say for no reason. Again, You basically seem to have a problem with the fact that not everyone agrees with your argument or people who share your reasoning. I mean, I could easily say that no one on the pro bane side is actually listening to reasoning from the opposite side either (which you fail to mention, by the way). But unlike you, I don't need them to. Because I understand that they disagree with me, so I have no expectation of a "I see your point" type of post.

And I'll agree that I have ego issues when I start complaining that no one reads my posts.

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