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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
What? Where did I say that?
Honestly, you're on your own here..

I'm not talking about your what if scenario. I'm talking about the situation as presented in the movie.
Yes, indeed you are, and I was talking about the former, yet you're using my 'what if' scenario which in normal circumstances would be differentiated from the 'realistic' scenario seemingly as cannon to fuel you're argument.

You mean like how the movie glorified Bruce's problems and downplayed Bane's? Or at least the only problem they did present to his physical condition, and that being the mask. His age was never a factor. Just like Ra's being older was not a factor in him being a brilliant fighter able to train Bruce and go toe to toe with Batman.

I'm not downplaying anything. I'm telling you how the movie presented it. They never said his pain was a hindrance to him. They said the mask keeps it bay with the anesthetic. Shockingly the only time Bane began to lose was when the mask got damaged.

Imagine that
Yes and we all know this and am I disputing those problems Bruce has? No! Really? Just because Bane's pain is being kept at bay doesn't mean it isn't a hinderance. It wasn't glorified as much as Bruce's problems because this was Bruce/Batman's story/film and not Bane's (who was only really touched upon), so for Bane's problems to be fully realised they'd need to be fleshed out and glorified like Bruce's? Surely we can all use our initiative here and realise Bane's pain being a possible hinderance, and one which came back to bite him and result in his partly demise at the end.

The age thing isn't really an issue, I agree, but if it's a reasonable excuse for one, then why shouldn't it be for the other?

No, I haven't. I'd laugh at such a suggestion. When it comes to criminal smarts and strategies you can pit Joker against Bane. But in a one on one fight Joker would be whupped. He can't take on Batman in a fair fight so how could he with Bane? Look at TDK, Joker fought dirty. Sicking attack dogs on Batman and then pummeling him with a steel bar while he was down struggling with them.
Then you must have missed those instances like I missed some of the ones I mentioned earlier (no sarcasm meant here), but it's good to know you'd see the flaws and ridculousness in those kind of statements.

It's not a double standard, it's a difference.
And I wouldn't have a problem with this, if those statements had highlighted what you have, but alas they didn't.

Bruce aged 8 years and did not do a single damn thing to keep in shape or even remotely close to what he was when he was Batman. I can show you scans of comics that show Batman has been in action for over 8 years in Gotham and is still in as much of a physical peak as he was when he started. The reason being he kept up his training and physical exercises to stay at the top of his game. This Bruce Wayne didn't. He let his body waste away for 8 years.

Did Bane spend years like that? Is Bane so weak he needs a cane to walk, or a strap on his leg just to be able to walk around without one? Would Bane's body get the diagnosis Bruce got if he went for a physical? Of course not.
These are very true and reasonable points that I have no arguments with, and if the this argument began from my part on a more realistic platform we wouldn;t be in the dispute we are in now.

As for the part I bolded, I wouldn;'t be surprised if Bane's diagnosis was worse, minus the anaesthetic.

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