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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Van Petrol View Post
Honestly, you're on your own here..
On my own with what? You've lost me 5 miles back on that one. I'm not commenting on your what if situation.

Yes, indeed you are, and I was talking about the former, yet you're using my 'what if' scenario which in normal circumstances would be differentiated from the 'realistic' scenario seemingly as cannon to fuel you're argument.
I'm not using your what if scenario to fuel my argument. How can it? It's something you made up. It's not applicable here. You can only argue what the movie presented, not what might be. That's a different argument altogether.

Yes and we all know this and am I disputing those problems Bruce has? No! Really? Just because Bane's pain is being kept at bay doesn't mean it isn't a hinderance.
You say it could be a hindrance but unless you've got something to support that it was this is just more guess work on your behalf. The only time his condition inhibited him was when Batman damaged the mask and he felt the pain that was inflicting his body because the anesthetic was damaged.

It's the equivalent to Bane not being a worthy fighter without his venom. Remember in Knightfall, Jean Paul Valley cut off his venom tube supply in their fight and Bane turned tail and ran. The venom was his crutch just as the anesthetic kept Bane at his peak in TDKR.

Take away Bane's wonder drug and he's not all that in a fight.

It wasn't glorified as much as Bruce's problems because this was Bruce/Batman's story/film and not Bane's (who was only really touched upon), so for Bane's problems to be fully realised they'd need to be fleshed out and glorified like Bruce's?
It wasn't glorified because there was nothing to glorify. Why would they not highlight any physical inhibitions Bane has if it was relevant? Bane was being presented as a physical match to Batman. If Batman has weaknesses that were mentioned then so would Bane. They were mentioned, too. Just the actual one he had. The mask. The anesthetic in the mask keeping the pain at a tolerable level for him.

Nolan, the master of exposition and attention to details, would not omit a relevant weaknesses to Bane if there was indeed any others.

Surely we can all use our initiative here and realise Bane's pain being a possible hinderance, and one which came back to bite him and result in his partly demise at the end.
Bane's pain was a hindrance. When the mask was damaged. That's when he began to lose. Pain cannot be a hindrance unless you feel it. If you don't feel it then it may as well not exist.

The age thing isn't really an issue, I agree, but if it's a reasonable excuse for one, then why shouldn't it be for the other?
I've already explained why. If you pit two aged men against each other, one who's sat wasting away for 8 years vs a man who's spent his years training in the ways of the League of Shadows, then it's not hard to guess who'll come out the winner.

These are very true and reasonable points that I have no arguments with, and if the this argument began from my part on a more realistic platform we wouldn;t be in the dispute we are in now.
I'm not sure what you mean by a realistic platform, but ok.

As for the part I bolded, I wouldn;'t be surprised if Bane's diagnosis was worse, minus the anaesthetic.

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