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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

I dunno,Bruce was clearly intended to be at his worst both physically and mentally.That's the "spirit" of the story,The Dark Knight RISES.But I sincerely do not think Nolan succeeded in showing that(atleast not before Bruce was beaten in the sewer fight).If anything TDKR Batman comes across looking infinitely better than TDK Batman if you go by actual showings.

TDK Batman decided to quit and surrender himself the moment Joker showed up it was Alfred and Harvey telling him to endure and never say die,whereas it was the exact opposite in TDKR.The moment Bruce heard about Bane he could'nt wait to jump back in to action. Also Miranda said Bruce became a recluse three years ago after he shut down the energy project so may I ask where exactly are people getting the whole"OMG Joker made him a recluse" from?

Physically Batman seemed as capable as before,like I said previously his physical condition did'nt hinder his fighting prowess.He struggled more against Joker thugs than against Bane's mercs armed with assault rifles(which he dodged around).Simply put BB Batman>TDKR Batman>>TDK Batman.

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