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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
It means Bryan Singer was quite serious when they said they want to start connecting films.That design means Wolverine will eather leave school now named Jean Grey school for gifted youngers to go to japan or film will end with Wolverine at renamed mansion In post Last stand timeline.
The wolverine will connect with both The Last Stand and Days of future past.This pretty much confirms Hugh Jackman will have some kind of role In
Days of future Past.And renaming school Jean Grey school for gifted Youngsters hints Patrick Stewert won't be In future sequenzes of DOFP.
It defently appears they are treating X-men films like Avengers related films.

The question Is how much the original script remains.I defently hope at some point the original script leaks online.It would be nice to see what originally
was planned.And that way we can know once and for all If the crapness of the leaked Batman year One script was because of Frank Miller.
Uhm cool, I think. Before said if it's really a good idea, i have to wait not The Wolverine but X-Men: Days of future past.

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