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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by JP View Post
But why would they rename the school after Jean Grey when in X3 Wolverine was pretty much the only person who had any desire to help Jean.
welll there's 2 scenerio imo where this seems logical

1) X3 is retconned out of existence

2) sometime between X3 and the "future" of Days of future past, the mansion is destroyed and rebuilt in jeans name. I've been speculating which events are most likely that the "past" needs to change in order to get a better "future" in the comics it was Sen Kelly's assassination that started the whole apocalyptic universe of dofp.... which could very well still be the premise of this new film, but.... it could also be the events of jean grey. which... has also been hinted at in more recent comics by Bishop as being a cause... so.. really it's a toss up.

i suspect that X-men: Days of Future Past, will either be about preventing magneto from turning Sen Kelly into a mutant (and his death) in X1, or stopping Jean Grey from going all "phoenix" in X2/X3

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