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Originally Posted by Neo_3 View Post
He is twice as strong as Thor.

This is the from the comic where Thor 2 story will come from.
I've read it. But he will be 4 times if anything as strong in the movie. Kurse was twice as strong, Thor fought him with the belt of strength, then got another amp in strength from the beyonder.

More than likely, for the sake of an opposing villain, he will be 4 times as strong.

Which would make him the strongest character we have seen yet.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I'm not a fan of seeing heroes get beaten up, but I do want him to have Thor until the ropes forcing him to unleash something huge.
Yeah same. I want it to be clear that if he chooses to stay going toe to toe, brawling with his hammer, that he is outmatched, thus reverting to his other powers.

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
I love seeing heroes get beaten up, as long as they eventually triumph over the villain(they normally do). I really want to see Thor going through some painful ****, as well as Kurse. These guys can take and dish a lot of brutality and pain so I want them to go all-out.
Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
The victorious outcome by the hero is that much sweeter when you've seen him/her taken to the brink.

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