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Default Re: ORGANICS SUCK!!!! (A Tribute Thread)

Hey guys, I just checked up on this thread because I was bored, and realized that a lot of you replied to a post I posted. Since I am an idiot, I didn't come back to this thread to reply to you guys, so I'll just do it now.
@UltimateWebHead- good point, Dr Tactics pretty much addressed it for me, saying that it would narrow down the search for Spider-Man, and even though it would probably happen in real life, I don't think it would be realistic in a movie universe just because it is a movie and you would just have to suspend your disbelief.
@OrgasmicPotatoe- Yeah, in the school fight I think they should have made it so that there was a power outage caused by the Lizard or something so then maybe people might buy that there weren't any working cameras in the school, even though the cameras might have run on battery. Other times he took off the mask I was ok with, like when he was trying to save the kid in the car.

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