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Default Re: Official X-MEN: LEGACY Discussion Thread

Carey's writing was class-act and competent. Rogue was an absolute non-issue for me. But then, this is the man who writes The Unwritten, as opposed to whatever other crap Gage has written.

I've read some of Gage's stuff, but never been very impressed with it. The only exception to that statement is his work on the Siege tie-in issues of Avengers: The Initiative that I read, where he did a heck of a good job with Taskmaster. His name was attached to G.I. Joe: Cobra, but that was all Mike Costa there, who continues to write the best G.I. Joe book over at IDW... and then stunk up Blackhawks at DC, somehow managing to mess up a book that was essentially G.I. Joe in the DCU.

Some writers, man.

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