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Default Re: Characters that may have comic counterparts

Originally Posted by TheRegSays View Post
With all the bruhaha that John Blake may be Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing, it got me to thinking that Chris Nolan does like to take liberties when it comes to his characters. Meaning, he likes to create characters that do not exist in the comics. I thought to myself if it would be more meaningful to us comic fans if he used more comic characters, even if they had minor roles? Like Zsaz. I was very happy that he was included even for such a small role.

For example, the cop that was guarding Joker in the interrogation room. I've heard people say he would make a good Sgt. Bullock (I'm not sure if he had a name in the movie). I also remember thinking why Ramirez isn't Montoya (but I understood in the end why).

Rachel Dawes. I think I could have cared more too if it was an existing character. Could they have named her Silver St. Cloud? Maybe the name was too ridiculous for a movie. First love Julie Madison? I would've even appreciated a Gilda... anticipating her ending up with Harvey. Any other suggestions?

Others that come to mind:

The prisoner in the boat who threw out the detonator = I would have loved a "W. Jones" on his chest.

Earle? Rupert Thorne.

Things like that. Little easter eggs for fanboys that really wouldn't matter to the casual fan. What do you guys think?
I like what your saying. Some little thing like that would have been good.

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