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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Again, I'm not saying you need only one, I'm saying you don't need two, and using one makes for a better story. For instance, Widow, a character on contract, who we're already invested in, can do every single thing that Sharon Carter can, from action to romance to whatever. So what is the point in bringing in a brand new character to do that? Not that we need to do it with one character, and that has advantages, but that we can, so why get two?

The world is ending, so we need all the help we can get... Sharon's busy though, with something... more important? Insert excuse here. Don't call her in. -shrug- It's hard to give her a reason not to be there that's not crap. It made sense to remove Pepper and Jane. They were useless. It doesn't make sense to remove capable agents... so we make Sharon an incapable agent? There's nothing natural about removing her from SHIELD in a time of crisis.

And it all builds together, because the movies, if done right, are about developing the main characters that end up leading the Avengers. These stories should be able to stand on their own, but the reality is that they don't, they are all taken in context of the MCU as a whole.

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