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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
She'll be written out or marginalized in some way of unknown contrivedness, but it's not like she's off in California somewhere with Rhodey. She works for SHIELD, why would she not still be as active with SHIELD and Cap in Avengers 2 as she was in Cap 2?

They could make up some crap for her to not be where she naturally would be, but it would smell like crap to me.
This, I think, falls under the umbrella of accepting that the films are to be stand alone as well as part of a shared universe. If Sharon is not required to be in Avengers 2 then she'll simply not be included. The audience will be able to accept that not every character who was in the previous films will be in Avengers 2 providing that film tells a complete story with the characters it does use. Much like the Avengers was not effected by the fact that War Machine wasn't in it and the film provided no explanation or reference to him. For Sharon, it's not even particularly difficult to explain her absence because SHIELD is a massive organisation and she could be busy with any number of assignments.

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I may be overemphasizing it, that's true. Certainly it's possible to incorporate characters with similar skills, but I believe stories, and characters, are better when they don't overlap in skills, job description and allegiance. When you only have one female agent, she does all the stuff, physical and emotional, that falls under that character type, and it makes her deeper and more interesting. When you have two, you end up cutting one out completely or taking some amount of that female agent narrative role/screentime and doling it out, even if just minute worth. Yeah, they could have Sharon just cameo, but that kinda highlights that she doesn't bring anything to the overall story, she's just there because she was there in comics.
I think the mistake that you're making here is assuming that the emotional development of a character or the act of providing them with depth is linked inseparably from their general skill set, in this case, secret agent. Natasha and Sharon may have reasonably similar skills but that doesn't mean that they have to share one specific story/character arc. In the Avengers, both Natasha and Clint are called 'master assassins' by Tony but they have different roles in the film and serve the narrative in different ways. In terms of the practicality of action, both Natasha and Steve use acrobatic hand to hand combat and yet they still fill different roles in all the set pieces without feeling remotely interchangeable.

I think it's also worth mentioning that you say that the character does everything that falls under that character type, but Sharon and Natasha fall under different character archetypes, they just have similar skills.

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