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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

heres my thoughts...

The year is 2012 - (alternate future) - a prison camp - bishop (an old mutant) is captured and thrown into a cell. He meets another captured mutant (Sir Ian McKellan's Magneto) he has a collar round his neck stopping him from using his powers. Magneto realises that bishop managed to trick the guards with his mutant ability and so he still has his powers. Magneto tells Bishop that this future can be changed. Magneto helps bishop escape and they head to the old Xavier School For The Gifted. its a building site, but we see light coming from the woods. There in a bunker is a dying (patrick stewart's Charles Xavier) Charles explains that this future occured when JFK survived an assasination attempt by a mutant that was captured. This kickstarted the sentienal programe. In order for this bleak future not to happen, there is hope. Xavier with the help of magneto is able to transport the mind of bishop back in time to his younger self during the 60's just before the kennedy assisination,

The rest has you discover that Magneto is the mutant that is discovered to be the mutant that tried to kill JFK and gets caught.

We include JFK's personal mutant squad that tries to stop Eric and his group - plus we have the x-men. essentially JFK's mutant squad is built up of characters like Blockbuster, Harpoon - yeah maybe the maurders

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