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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Hmmm... good points all around.

For Chewy, are there 1000s of SHIELD agents? Lets say there are, and while personality can matter more depending on the story, what sets Sharon apart from Natasha so much that she wouldn't be called in? Or that she can't develop something with Steve, whether foreshadowed before or not.

For Bill, it's more fun when it works, I don't necessarily see this works, yeah... but I don't see anything restrictive about Natasha's characterization that prevents her from standing in for Sharon? Sure, some fans would lose their shipping wars, and those who felt like Peggy was just a set up for Sharon would get something unexpected... -shrug- Doesn't seem like a loss, especially to movie quality.

And while Rhodes was absent, he doesn't work for Fury, so he's not as egregious at all, assuming Sharon works for SHIELD. And that kinda highlights my point too. Different personalty + same skillset = redundant. Yes, Rhodes could have had all sorts of depth, but in the end, the action as so much a part of the character moments in a film like this that dividing up the action *is* dividing up the character development.

For Lorus, yes they could say she's on assignment, but unless she's an unremarkable agent, it contradicts with what they did in Avengers 1. Clint qualifies Tony's statement in that Clint is a Soldier (and a bad guy for most of the film) while Natasha is not (presumably, she's a spy). They're different archetypes, but even his redundant modern human perspective requires he be removed from the story and team for an extended period of time. How do Natasha and Sharon fall under different archetypes?

For spideymouse, not saying they're the same character, but they serve the same role in a story. It's not a coincidence that these are the two characters who have single handledly taken on the rest of their teams, or the ones who have usurped leadership on one level or other from the traditional 'boyscout' leaders. Backgrounds might be different, sure, but the stories you tell with them are the same.

Overall, it can be done, but I just don't think it's worth it, not when there are alternatives. Perhaps they alter Sharon until she's barely recognizable, a young CIA agent liason with Cap. Sure. But... -shrug-

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