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Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
I think the way you should try to look at it is this, people know these characters (or at least they will after a second and third billion dollar Avengers film). They will practically be household names. Like Batman, Spider-Man and James Bond himself. By that time with all the complaints about "ugh another reboot, we've seen uncle ben die/batmans parents die/banner get blasted with gamma rays/etc a hundred times now!" At a certain point, people will know the characters well enough to not need reboots and will prefer recasts.

So I'm not saying they should or shouldnt make these films indefinitely. I'm just saying the general audience will be the deciding factor. It all depends on how many viewers pay for what type of films. We, as comic book fans already know the characters. Iron Man is on the same level as Bond in my eyes. They did the origin story right once, watch RDJ do it if you want to experience it again. I, for one, am all for an indefinite series of films. Heck, didn't Iron Man's original series break 300 issues?
That's definitely a good way to put it. And yeah, i do hope that they have a solid plan on how they plan on going about all of this because I'm one to prefer quality over quantity.

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Kurse is twice as strong, so I want to see him use that against Thor. Because if not, then there would be no point in Kurse being stronger than Thor. I want to see them both go through some serious pain and brutality in their fight(s).
Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Kurse is twice as strong as Thor but he isn't as skilled as a fighter and doesn't have a variety of powers.

Like I said, I would like to see Kurse start to own Thor physically which should force him to pull out his more large scale attacks.

Isn't this the same case that was brought up with the Thor vs Hulk issue where while Hulk may be physically stronger, Thor is more powerful due to his possession of other abilities that go beyond physical brute strength? If that's the same case here with him and Kurse, couldn't Thor just defeat Kurse if he used all of his other powers and not rely on a hand to hand fist fight? Sorry, I'm still not as familiar with Kurse's character.

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