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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I think the whole Lois not ending up with Clark was a powerful theme. It really helped push the divide and loneliness. Brought some real humanity to the character. However, I feel like they should have explore HIM more. He should have had someone to confide in. Someone he could share his feelings with. It was like this whole time we saw all this raw emotion building up, but then nothing.

If you guys have seen 50/50, the part where he just screams in the car REALLY made an impact. Or in JCVD when he gives that monologue. These are our main characters. Our guy to route for. You show us he has a ****** life, and he goes with it anyway and we go "well... that's it I guess" - but if you show that person really realise their failure (another example would be Bruce saying he failed Gotham and his family in BB, or that he failed Rachel in TDK, or when he is suffering in the cave and wakes up yelling in TDKR), then the audience can really go "Oh ****, I feel for this guy."

The other main issue was the threat he had on the side. It didn't mesh well AT ALL with the whole Lex Luthor plot and Lex was just way to comical. His plan was utterly stupid. This man is a master tactician, not a real-estate zealot. I know it was meant to be an homage to the original film, but the original film did not age well at all. It was a bad film - it only did well because it was a Superman film and it made us believe a man could fly.

Superman's threat should have been tied in with his problem with Lois. Just replace Richard with a villain from Supe's rogue gallery - but give him split personality or something. At some point, Lois gets injured by the darker side of the villain, and Superman pretty almost kills him in a fit of rage. Lois is now hospitalised and when Superman comes to see her, she tells him to get her "husband/boyfriend" and to leave them alone. Lois could die, or just leave, and in the end Superman defeats the villain but still feels like he's lost.

Not saying it's the best plot, I'm just saying that the thing that drives the character over the edge emotionally should be directly related to the main conflict in the story.

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