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Default Re: Man Of Steel Soars @ Comic Con - Part 3

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Mmm, if true, add in Faora's costume and this extreme beatdown. I say BDSM Superman fans will be very happy.
Hell yeah!

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
Well I hope that's not true, I don't mind Superman getting an ass kicking but if he can barely put up a fight then I'll be disapointed I don't wanna watch Superman gets his ass kicked for two hours.
It's just one fight scene, not the whole movie

I think this sounds pretty logical actually. In alot of films there is usually the first fight which doesn't go so well for the hero... they then recover, come up with a plan of how to defeat them, and go back for a second round with goes a lot better.

As for the army being able to hurt him... well I think that impression was coming across pretty strongly anyway. I mean, the army do seem to be playing a major role in this film, and it'd be pretty pointless having them attacking him all through the film and him just standing there.

Personally, I don't mind what Supes power level is. It doesn't bother me much either way, because his story has always been beyond his powers to me. The reason he's the best isn't because he's the strongest.

I'm assuming kryptonite has nothing to do with this beating either, as Faora is krytonian too, so that should make a few people happy who were frustrated with it being the only way to show him in any real sort of danger. At least people at the same power level can actually harm each other!

But will it really be bloody? I mean, how bloody can it be? Kids are gonna wanna see this after all

Originally Posted by tomoe View Post
Not sure if I like the idea of Superman getting his @$$ kicked so severely by a girl....
Maybe his mistake is holding back BECAUSE it's a girl.

Superman: "I can only tell you what I believe, Diana. humankind has to be allowed to climb to its own destiny. We can't carry them there."
Flash: "But that's what she's saying. What's the point? Why should they need us at all?"
Superman: "To catch them if they fall."
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