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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 4

Thor's new costume looks fantastic. Love the subtle tweaks to the chest piece, it looks more and more like a tangible piece of armour.

Also, regarding the Loki chat, he HAS to feature in this movie, primarily because I feel like we haven't seen Loki in his classic state yet, that is, in Asgard when he ISN'T the villain, but causes trouble and problems anyway, just because. Imagine if we see him every now and then, showing up, but he seems to do nothing villainous, right until the end. No reveal, no tease for Thor 3, nothing. Then, in Thor 3, you have a straw man for a villain, and have Loki behind the whole thing, have him orchestrated some gnarly, epic plot and have him actually pull it off. Have him do something huge like kill Odin, bring about Ragnarok, something like that. Something huge. It would be a GREAT character journey and would give Thor the chance to finally see Loki as the villain he truly is, which he still hasn't really done. He's recognised Loki is capable of great evil but you can see he still loves his brother.

Those are just my thoughts anyway. I always loved when Loki showed up in Thor and just had dialogue or something but you KNEW there was something behind it, something you wouldn't find out until like 10 issues later.

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