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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

i appreciate it on some levels,a nostalgic level, for it's connection to the Reeve films,which i grew up on.

that said... it's not the Superman we knew and loved. my biggest issue is,after Superman II, which this is meant to be a sequel to,Superman learned that humanity needs him,and he learned the painful lessons that went with abandoning his mission as Earth's protector and role model to satisfy his own wants and desires.

so what are we told in SR? that he goes and f$%king does it AGAIN! and apparently right after the events of Superman II to boot! he abandons those he's sworn to protect to again try and satisfy his own needs. he abandoned the people who needed him TWICE! is it any wonder that the people of Earth have moved on and everyone isn't excited to see him back?! and apparently he didn't even bother to TELL anyone why he was going,as evidenced by Lois' confusion as to where he went( one of the first questions she asked him on the rooftop) ,and the big front page hanging in the Planet, "WHERE DID HE GO?" so,apparently he just upped and left and didn't tell anyone.

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