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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

SHIELD TV Show Season 2, Fall 2015
- Agents, Non Powered Carol Danvers fight HYDRA, gets powers just before Avengers 2
Phase II ends, Avengers 2, May 2015
SHIELD TV Show Season 3, Fall 2015
- Ms. Marvel, Quake, Brand, Agents vs Kree
Ant-Man 2/Giant Man, April 2016
- Vision, Ultron (if not already), Wasp, vs MODOK/AIM
Black Panther, May 2016
- Klaw, Vibranium, uber smart stealth hero
SHIELD TV Show Season 4, Fall 2016
- Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Brand, Quake vs Skrulls
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, August 2016
- Viper and all sorts of HYDRA fun, Super Adaptoids and etcetera
Iron Man 4/War Machine, October 2016
- Depending on RDJ, Rhodes may take a bigger role, fight Ghost/Titanium Man
Dr. Strange, May 2017
- Baron Mordo, the Ancient One, Dormammu, redeemed jerk hero
SHIELD TV Show Season 6, Fall 2017
- Ms. Marvel, Quasar, Brand, vs Kree vs Skrulls
Thor 3: Ragnarok, August 2017
- Ymir, Surtur, Loki, the whole nine
Planet Hulk, November 2017
- Planet Hulk, basically
Heroes for Hire, April 2018
- Iron Fist and Luke Cage origins,
Avengers 3, May 2018
- Infinity Gauntlet/Thanos Finale, lots of big stuff happening
Phase III Ends, New Avengers are set up if Classic Avengers don't renew contracts/can't be recast

Give new heroes May releases, hit hard off the success of Avengers 2, pull back to hit hard again with Avengers 3. That's 8 movies in between as oppose to Phase I's 5, or Phase II's 5.

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