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Default Re: Man Of Steel Soars @ Comic Con - Part 3

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
I just watched that trailer and all I can say is wow. I really hope they keep Journey To The Center in some way shape or form as the Superman theme. It really fit well. I have been as critical as anyone of Cavill as being cast as Superman but after that trailer I can rest easy. This movie looks fantastic. FANTASTIC! I'm sorry Henry for bashing you for months now. I'm sorry Nolan for thinking just because you ruined Batman you would do the same for Superman. That trailer gets a 9/10. Nothing gets a 10/10 because nothing is perfect. But the cast looked brilliant. See Crowe who I hate but love as Jor-El was brilliant. I can't wait. I said I wouldn't watch any trailers but I had to check it out. I also liked how they didn't show too much. Hopefully they keep it that way. Great trailer. Looked like it can overtake Batman Begins as the better movie.
Last Son, you may loath Nolan's take on Batman but don't state fictitious statements. Nolan is the reason why Batman is the only title/character to have back-to-back billion dollar installments, and the reason why Batman is a 'hot' superhero property again.

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