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Default Re: Man Of Steel Soars @ Comic Con - Part 3

Originally Posted by echostation View Post
I'm starting to distrust my source more and more. He isn't even high level anyways and has been frequently wrong (making a big deal of Roland Emmerich being considered on the remake back in 2009 when his name has been thrown around by a only a few execs overall, using the Incredible Hulk remake to see how a remake would fair as the main strategy, again only suggested by some lousy WB execs). He pretty much hears about random ideas and scraps but too often to me makes a big deal out of it but take this latest one for what its worth which might sound big but really I doubt much of it is true at all:

In line with what I've heard that Superman barely scrapes by in the movie against Zod and Faora and other supposed less powerful enemies, the person who literally beats the bloody hell out of him the most is not Zod (he actually apparently fares much better against the General) is Faora. You know the ass kicking Spider-Man receives from Green Goblin in spider-man 1 what with Tobey screaming in major pain with each punch and knee that Goblin gives him... multiply that by 3 and that's what Faora does to Superman. Or of Omni-Man's beat down of Invincible.

At first they're not as powerful but later on as she applies her fight training and adapts them to her powers, she gives Superman one of the worst beatings a hero has faced on camera... She "Doomsdays" him... literally pulverizing him with precision and lethal strength with hitting pressure-points, nerves and even just outclasses Supes in bare knuckle and gives Supes a severe beat down...he's total agony this entire time, bloody and broken and barely gets away. My buddy doesn't know at all how Superman defeats these guys eventually but he did say that Superman in this film gets hurt a lot more easily than Routh's pre-crisis Superman...the military can hurt him too but Faora pretty much nearly kills him in hand to hand...

Well I can pretty much guarantee this is a load of crap... Zach said at comic con he wanted to take superman off his big blue boyscout throne, and make him to were he can "beat the **** outta people"... Not get the **** beat out of him bye a woman!
He wants to make Superman a badass, not a lil ***** that gets his ass beat by a girl!

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