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I'm not upset at all, if I'm who you are referring to. But are you saying DDL is incapable of doing what we are talking about? Method actors can do comic book movies. Heath Ledger did it.

I find it silly that you think Daniel Day-Lewis is not snobby. Straight from the (high) horse's mouth: "[In] the case of Heath's performance in that, it's remarkable. That, to me, is like finding a gem in the market. It's not something I would expect."

Essentially saying that The Dark Knight was a fluke. Something that should never have happened. Being that we are all fans of these films, (being that we are all on this site) I assume that irks you a wee bit?

Ian Mckellen and Liam Neeson both had trouble working with the guy because of his method acting. If that doesnt tell you he's a little full of himself...

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