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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Actually, the problem is that the premise is false: Thor's powers *haven't* been adequate for dealing with Kurse. Traditionally, Thor "deals" with Kurse by the means of "fight him for a while, get the crap kicked out of him, then plot device happens." The only esoteric power Thor has that could really help versus Kurse is dumping him in another dimension, which runs into the problem of "creating a dimensional rift takes time and concentration, meanwhile, Kurse stomps Thor's face into the ground."
I'm pretty sure a Godblast would put Kurse in a coma, it made Galactus flee and it's powerful enough to damage Celestials. He also used to anti-force blast to K.O. Mangog who is leagues above Kurse, he just never used either of those attacks on Kurse himself.

Besides this is the MCU not the comics, I'm pretty sure MCU Kurse is gonna be alot less powerful and more "beatable".

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