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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 4

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Clearly, that's why I'm more excited for Thor 2 than I was for TA because Thor won't have to be downplayed in favor of another hero.

I definately want to see alot more empasis put on Thor's flying and weather control abilties in this film/
Thor's flying wasn't downplayed because Iron Man is favored, it was downplayed because flying has become an iconic staple of Iron Man, it's his thing, just like strength is Hulk's thing and leadership is Cap's thing. Thor already has all 3 of those things, so the reason those things are downplayed in favor of the other characters is so they can stand out more, or else why even have other characters if Thor can already do everything they can as good as they can?

For Thor, something I'd rather see more of, and the thing I want him to become known for, is his "magic." That's one thing Thor has that no other Avenger does. I want to see Thor use his magic hammer in different ways, I want to see him use his magic lightning in different ways, I want to see him use his other magical abilities. But flying? I'm fine with how much it's used, as long as they show he can do it.

Captain America = Soldier with shield who leads people into battles
Hulk = Big green rage monster who's extremely strong
Iron Man = Guy in mechanical suit who flies around and shoots beams and missiles
Thor = Norse god who uses a hammer, lighting and magic.

This is the way it should be IMO to keep everything balanced. Thor should definitely fly, and even use strength and leadership, but I don't care to much to see Thor zooming around the sky half the time like Iron Man.

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