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Originally Posted by TomPiltoff View Post
Well there's clearly some issue you have with DDL if you're calling him snobby for avoiding summer movies.


Right but you've already elucidated the issue you have with him - he doesn't think highly of summer blockbuster movies, and doesn't want to be in them.

Well you're calling DDL a snob for how he feels while at the same time praising Alec Guinness for Star Wars. I'd say it's pretty relevant to point out that Guinness hated Star Wars.

Guinness 'tried' Star Wars, wound up hating it. Why can't DDL have an opinion on these types of movies without starring in one? Where's the virtue in doing a genre movie that he actively dislikes?
Clearly theres some issue I have with DDL, but I'm calling him a snob because I feel that he is a snob. I'm not upset about it. If I was upset about every snob in the world, well... I wouldnt be a very happy person would I?

I'm praising both Guinness and Mortensen for the larger than life roles they choose to do and flourish in. And at that, I am praising Mckellen and Neeson for doing the same. I wasn't praising Guinness for being a snob was I?

The "virtue" as you so eloquently put it, is in igniting a role an actor normally wouldn't do in an attempt to challenge themselves. We all know he can do realistic fiction, how about challenge himself to do something bigger?

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