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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Singer might claim (though I doubt he did) that the events of SR literally take place 5 years after SII. But the films - the texts, themselves - say 1978 and 2006. So no sequel continuity can be reasonably inferred. And the text, ultimately, takes precedence over any off-the-cuff comment from an interview.
I'm not going to wax philosphical with you about literary criticism over a comic book movie based on a character with over 70 years of lineage. If you think my arguement, or anyone else's, is invalid because of the reasons you stated then fine. Just be advised I do not advise to that school of thought.

You may be correct that Singer didn't say it takes place 5 years after Superman II. I think the premise was it takes place after a 5 year absence. However, I believe Singer said it's a vague history in "Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman". I'm not sure though. Yet, there are numerous sites that detail his "vague history" comment.

Director Bryan Singer has said that the continuity is "branching off from" elements of "the first two Superman films with Christopher Reeve," which serve as, as he puts it, a "vague history." Thus, the film disconsiders the plot of Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.
Here's what Routh said:

Well, the film is written to be the vague sequel to the first two films. Inheritably in the script there are many homages in the character - especially written from that character - so there are similarities because of that. The only thing that was done, really only to mimic Chris’ performances, [was] pushing the glasses up with the forefinger. I did that sometimes. Sometimes Bryan would love a shot and I didn’t do it. He’d tell me to do it because it fit in a certain shot, or sometimes I adjusted the glasses like that.
You can find some additional interview info with Singer here:

Also, you can find some great info about Superman Returns here:

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