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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

The Dark Knight trilogy was great, and it will be a hard thing to top. I must admit it is my favorite representation of the character in any media, surpassing perhaps the Bruce Timm animated series. But that is my opinion.

However, if the goal is to make Batman compatible with the Justice League, the logical thing to do for the next films to succeed is to take a more fantastical, science fiction tone, without forgetting the more realistic aspects of the character. Taking into account that a Justice League film is apparently the goal , some points:

-Set up the world. The hardest part of this. They must create a universe in which superpowered aliens, amazon warriors, intergalactic cops, could exist, even if it is not mentioned. Establish the rules, set up a new Gotham City, and build Batman characters around it. Once this is done, everything should be easier to connect.

- An origin story would be out of place. Setting up Batman as already taking care of Gotham should be the way to go. Suggest that he already had some major confrontations with the more prominent members of the rogues gallery, his relationship with Gordon and the police already established.

- The Batman family. For the Robin's, this could be a problem, since the very idea of Batman taking a young kid to missions against the mob and super villians is very irresponsible in the first place. But, Bruce role as a surrogate father for, let's say Dick Grayson, is a very interesting aspect of his character. Having Bruce training him so so one day Dick's take on the mantle of Robin. Or, since we are talking of an older Batman, imply all of these, and also the fall out so he can be Nightwing already. In order for other Robins to succeed they must show efficiently that a Robin is capable of all these crime fighting stuff. It must have some development or at least imply it efficiently, in order to avoid the problems the character of Robin had in Forever and Batman & Robin. Bring some new characters like Dr Leslie Thompkins, establish new dynamics between them.

-The rogues gallery. There are so many great characters in the pantheon of Batman villians that could be used, but maybe the most wise choice is to take the unused villians in all other films. As pointed out, Killer Croc, Clayface, Man-Bat, Hugo Strange, the Ventriloquist and Scarface, Black Mask, Deadshot, The Mad Hatter could work in some way or another. It doesn't have to be a whole movie dedicated to them, it depends on the story. Also some of the villians of the other films should have another shot. The Riddler, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy should have more prominence, even they could set up a story with them as main villians in their own films. These four can handle a film on their own, but without forgetting the others, it has to do with the next point. Build up to the big baddies, and bring them in a way that is compatible to the world.

-The story. It is important if they want to tackle a more "comic book oriented" approach that the films have a good story, with good characters dynamics. I mean, don't have cameos for cameos sake, set up characters for further stories, lay a plan. Let's have an ongoing mystery or master plan, developed in a set of films, in a way that you can have these characters interact, and develop them. Keep us invested in the characters.

A good template could be Batman: The Animated Series, and the entire animated universe for that matter. It is hard for me to think of these stuff, since the way Nolan and company did things was my cup of tea, but with a compelling and rich world as Batman's is, there are so many things that can be done.

Honestly if I had it my way, I would let Batman rest for some time, develop other important characters the way Nolan did it with Batman. Taking taking the core of them, respect the mythos, take them into new directions, and make them fly. I would rather develop these movies as separate things, having their unique dynamic and themes.


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