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Default Re: The TDK Gallery:Set/Official Pics Only-NO DISCUSSION

Hi All,

I have a major concern relating to the dark knight and in fact batman begins and would LOVE it if someone could help me get to the bottom of this.

Having watched the Dark Knight and Batman Begins recently I noticed a rather large discrepancy in the way Gotham is portrayed in the movies, and to cut a long story very short this was my main concern which I would love answering:

In Batman Begins when the toxin is released into the water, Gotham appears to be a dense futuristic dark city with high level blocks and a lot of pollution - however when the Joker blows up Gotham Central Hospital in DK - I noticed that Gotham Central Hospital (which I'm assuming is in the centre of the Gotham district) - is clean and rural with a huge open backdrop of farms and fields and trees and nothing AT ALL gotham like from the first film. And also when the camera pans out of the Hospital, there is no Gotham or any city in sight!!!

Now Im not picky with Films and I dont like to spoil them for people - not to mention the fact Dark Knight is a fantastic film - but really! Its soooooo obvious it seems no one has stopped to think about how Gothams landscape really changes.

Any ideas? Please help folks! Thanks


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