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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

I don't know what draft you're talking about, but the version I read was pretty much Barry Windsor-Smiths Weapon X come to life, and they did ground it a fair bit. Making him born in the 50s instead of the mid 19th century, reducing him to only serving in Vietnam, cutting back on the number of mutants, no Team-X. Really, the only two bits that were "out there" was the Blob, and the fact that Weapon 11 was a squadron of clones.

Everything else seemed like a great prequel to what we saw in X-2.

"This miller's marriage had been performed without my leave or knowledge. The man had cheated me. So I had him hanged, and claimed my rights beneath the tree where he was swaying. If truth be told, the wench was hardly worth the rope. The fox escaped as well, and on our way back to the Dreadfort my favorite courser came up lame, so all in all it was a dismal day."
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