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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
I wouldn't be opposed to a "smaller" 3rd flick, but only if MoS2's scale is bigger than TDK and TDKR's combined (I actually think TDKR is smaller in scale than TDK). I also wouldn't be opposed to the idea of MoS3 being loosely co-based on Kingdom Come (and All-Star), where we get a MUCH older Luthor and perhaps a world where Lois is dead.

At this point, an All-Star ending would be ideal in my mind. Makes the scale of the finale itself global.
It almost elevates Superman into something of mythic proportions, didn't Snyder call Superman the "God-king of Superheroes" or something?

Also, there's a scene in All-Star that really sums it up well. I think it was during the second last issue where Supes is going across the world and galaxy doing his best to sort of fix all these worldwide and even galactic problems, yet in between it all he still has a moment to save a single teenage girl from committing suicide. That's a bigger scale, and a more personal side aswell.

"The smell was something he was born with. A curse, the smallfolk said. The gods had made him stink so that men would know his soul was rotting. Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though... was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay? ”


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